BPI Sports Smart Burn is a flavored weight loss supplement made up of eight main ingredients to help convert fat to energy, support overall weight loss, and increase energy. Half of the product’s ingredients are fully transparent while the rest come in a 2.5g blend with CLA and three forms of carnitine.

As for the other half of BPI Sports Smart Burn, there is 250mg of green tea, 100mg of theobromine, 50mg of the premium, patented stimulant Dynamine, and lastly, caffeine at a strong 150mg per serving.

As mentioned, BPI Sports’ newest entry in the competitive world of weight loss is going to be available in stores later this month in tubs packing a total of 25 servings. When Smart Burn eventually launches, fans will have two tastes to choose from with the fruity recipe Tropical Fruit Punch and Cotton Candy.

bpi sports smart burn


25 Servings


Cotton Candy, Tropical Punch