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Developed by Dr. Mira Gadzala, a highly respected PhD and board-certified
Alternative Medical Practitioner, this innovative product provides a novel
combination of highly effective and clinically proven nutrients and delivery
system that helps to form a strong and long-lasting foundation for joint and
muscle health, natural nourishment and repair, collagen structure, and
flexibility. The highly potent antioxidants and other natural compounds in
ProStem PSP also support the cellular energy processes, and circulatory and
immune system responses that are pivotal aspects in joint and muscle health
and allows the body to function on more optimum and healthy level.

Ray C. Carter, Jr., CEO of StemSation stated “Our initial flagship product
StemRCM, supporting immune system health, is being met with much enthusiasm by
consumers and healthcare practitioners alike. Now with the addition of our
second product, ProStem PSP, we enter the very large and fast-growing area of
joint and muscle health. It’s topical companion product, StemFlex^TM, will
also be available soon, further making our products unmatched in efficacy and

StemSation is a company with a long-term ‘health mission’, ambitious research
goals, and innovative, holistic approaches to health & wellness, and healthy
longevity. Its product line shows a new pathway to wellness.