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Platinum BCAA from Muscletech is a training supplement with high doses of L-leucine and an optimized branched chain amino acid ratio per serving that provides greater efficiency in increasing lean muscle mass and in an exponential improvement in protein synthesis.

This formula contains a ratio of 8:1:1 leucine for a greater anabolic potential. Each Platinum BCAA portion ensures optimum muscle preparation for building muscle mass.

It contains more L-citrulline to improve performance and provides optimum support for athletes training intensely.

Platinum BCAA has been specially formulated with high doses of L-Leucine, the most potent of BCAAs. This amino acid provides multiple benefits to the athlete, as it has an optimal ability to stimulate protein synthesis and are the only amino acids used by the muscles as fuel, therefore their muscle levels are reduced during exercise and vital is their intake as a sports supplement.

It is a powerful builder of muscle mass that prevents muscle loss, being the most effective to optimize post-training muscle anabolism. It helps lose weight without losing muscle in diets to lose weight and provides the most effective conservation of lean muscle mass.

It promotes a better organic balance, corrects the alterations of glucose regulating the sugar in the blood and reduces the levels of cholesterol. It improves performance and vascularization in training, developing dense and defined muscle mass.

Platinum BCAA from Muscletech contains citrulline, a component of extreme importance in bodybuilders. This component is a powerful producer of aerobic energy that promotes maximum intensity exercises and is of great help to athletes who practice long lasting activities, such as marathon runners.

It delays fatigue and considerably increases the levels of ATP and creatine phosphate in the muscles, besides, it has a direct relation in the production of nitric oxide, an effect very appreciated by the athletes in their sports and dietary supplements. Citrulline helps lower ammonium and lactic acid in the body and contributes to potentially improving cellular metabolism.