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Next Generation Daily Nootropic Catalyst

With the evolution of technology, we’ve come to live in an over stimulated world. From stimulants like copious amounts of coffee and energy drinks, environment related elevations in stress and the constant strain we are placing on our eyes with blue light in this digital age, it’s no wonder we are all dealing with a lot. The result of this high stress and over-stimulation is brain fog, constantly elevated cortisol levels, general anxiety and accelerated long-term vision deterioration from the immense amount of digital blue light we are exposed to…not a trio conducive to long term health.

While many have become accustomed to intaking highly stimulatory products for a mental ‘boost’ such as energy drinks loaded with 300mg+ of caffeine, this often causes more harm than good, further increasing cortisol, causing anxiety from too much caffeine and doing nothing for the brain fog you were trying to clear. Enter NeuroMorph, the modern solution to this brain fog, stress and blue light stress.

NeuroMorph has been formulated using novel, cutting edge nootropics for enhanced cognition, adaptogenic herbs for stress mitigation, antioxidant support for cellular health and a patented lutein for combating the long-term damage from blue light emitted by today’s digital devices. The naturally derived caffeine in a serving of NeuroMorph for focus and alertness is equivalent to an average cup of coffee The result is a nootropic formula that helps you clear that brain fog, lock in with tunnel vision and feel an improved sense of vitality via reduced perceived stress. Ɨ

Directions: Take 1 serving (1 ‘small’ scoop) mixed with 8-12oz of cold water whenever you desire enhanced focus, stress mitigation or enhanced cognition. For extremely stressful situations or for further amplified mental focus and cognition, users may take 2 servings (1 ‘large’ scoop).


Mango Tea, Pineapple