Nubreed Nutrition M yoblast was designed with a single goal in mind – to create the best tasting protein blend ever created for athletes. If you’ve used protein supplements over the years you’ve probably seen some low quality products on the market which relied on cheap amino acids to help them cheat their label claim. You might have also even seen some powders on the market with added maltodextrins to increase their overall weight.

It’s unfortunate if you actually bought these proteins because they contained cheap fillers. Nubreed researchers took an honest approach when creating Myoblast because hardworking fitness fanatics deserve the best.

To further Nubreed’s commitment to athletes, Myoblast was designed to deliver sustained protein over 3-4 hours. This was achieved by cleverly crafting a formulation consisting of four pure proteins. Milk protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, micellar casein, and whey protein isolate. These four proteins digest at varying rates ranging from fast to slow.

This allows for a greater sustained amino acid pool to support recovery over time which athlete need. If you’re training hard, you’re body’s protein needs increase and there’s no way around it. Myoblast’s scientifically formulated four protein ratio of fast and slow proteins can provide you with necessary protein to repair, recover, and progress day in and day out towards your goals. But the technology advances don’t end there.



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