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NutreX Research Lipo-6 Rx: A Complete All-In-One Fat Burner

LIPO 6 Rx is a complete all-in-one fat burner that offers unreal results and many weight-loss supporting benefits. Its powerful profile of fully disclosed ingredients gives you more of what you want: better thermogenic response, noticeable appetite suppression, along with longer lasting energy and increased mental clarity. Experience the difference of clinically dosed LIPO-6 Rx and take your weight loss efforts to a new level.

  • A complete all-in-one fat burner with clinically dosed ingredients
  • Features 135mg of caffeine, which provides thermogenic properties and can help in the performance of cognitive tasks and reaction times
  • Provides 150mg of DMAE, which supports choline production, a precursor to acetylcholine and one of the neurotransmitters responsible for brain function
  • Contains Rauwolscine, an alpha-receptor antagonist that can block the action of receptors responsible for stopping fat breakdown*
  • Supplies ginger root CO2 extract, which provides dietary support for healthy digestive tract function
  • Formulated with clinically tested Teacrine® to support the release of free fatty acids into the bloodstream, which further helps with stamina and endurance*
  • Fast-acting liquid capsules