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Support lean mass by boosting testosterone levels like never before.

Accelerate your libido with an array of male hormone boosting catalysts.

Control estrogen by blocking enzymes for a dryer and harder look.

If you’re a dedicated athlete, you know how important recovery is to being your best day in and day out. However, due to the rigors of intense training, sometimes your hormone levels can be effected in a negative way. When you train a lot, certain hormones can become moderately suppressed which in turn can impact your recovery and libido.

At Nubreed Nutrition our goal is to keep you at your best. For this reason we developed Hysteria V2 to maximize balanced hormone levels to provide you with a performance edge. It utilizes an innovative multi-stage approach to give you rapid test boosting results and while limiting unwanted increases in hormones like estrogen. Here’s how it works.

STAGE 1 – Neutralize sexual hormone binding globulin (SHBG) which in turn can increase free testosterone.

SHBG unfortunately limits testosterones positive effects and by limiting its effect, you free up more testosterone in the body. Stinging nettle root extract is one of the few gold standard ingredients shown to control SHBG.

STAGE 2 – Limit the enzymes which assist with estrogen formation. By acting on an enzyme called aromatase, the body is forced to shift precursors which are used for both estrogen and testosterone formation, into mostly testosterone. Brassaiopsis glomerulata extract specifically derived from the leaves of the plant has been shown to have a great impact on aromatase.

STAGE 3 – Increase recovery rates by accelerating protein synthesis and keeping cortisol at bay.

The hypothalamic pituitary axis (HPTA) controls hormonal balance and by keeping it optimized, recovery can be optimized. The last thing you want as an athlete is a sluggish HPTA axis. Hysteria V2 uses a potent extract of Smilax sieboldii containing 5alpha-hydroxy laxogenin to maximize these effects.

As you can tell, this three stage approach to maximizing your hormonal potential was extremely well thought out. At Nubreed, we are athletes ourselves and know what can help all of us reach our maximum potential. It’s with this level of care combined with precision formulation backed by real world results that allows us to create effective products like Hysteria V2. †


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