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Why choose a bitter melon supplement? Stemming from a tropical fruit-like gourd, this herbal remedy is for people looking to maintain healthy blood glucose levels, support their digestive health and promote hormone balance. The fruit itself is a staple in cuisines around the world, but it also comes in a powdered form for use in things like smoothies and teas, as well as a wellness supplement.*

The History of Bitter Melon

Bitter melon, also known as bitter gourd or Momordica charantia, belongs to the gourd family and is related to vegetables like zucchini, squash, cucumber and pumpkin. It is the most bitter of all fruits and vegetables that humans consume. For centuries, bitter melon has been used by indigenous populations worldwide for its health benefits. It is believed to be useful in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and promoting metabolic health. It may also help maintain healthy cholesterol levels to support overall heart health.*

Today, bitter melon is cultivated primarily for its edible fruit, which is used in many Asian cuisines. In fact, bitter melon fruit can be commonly found in Asian grocery stores. There are two varieties—Chinese and Indian. Chinese bitter melon is usually long, pale green in color and covered with wart-like bumps, whereas Indian bitter melon is narrower with pointed ends and rough, jagged spikes along the rind. The whole fruit can be prepared in a variety of ways for different recipes and dishes. Some people prefer to use the juice of the bitter melon, which is commonly referred to as karela.

More About Bitter Melon

Powdered forms of the fruit and its seeds, as well as bitter melon extracts, are typically used in manufacturing bitter melon dietary supplements. These supplements can be found both online and in natural foods stores, pharmacies and stores specializing in herbal products.*

Bitter melon is a good source of a handful of important micronutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin A, folate and powerful antioxidants that offer protective benefits for cellular health. Bitter melon also contains potassium, zinc and iron.*

The recommended doses of bitter melon are 50 to 100 milliliters of juice per day, one small bitter melon whole fruit per day, or the amount of supplement your healthcare provider advises. When it comes to bitter melon supplements, your healthcare provider factors in personal details like age, gender and medical history to arrive at your recommended dose.*

Because bitter melon is often consumed to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, it’s important to consult with your healthcare provider before adding it to your wellness routine if you already take another medication intended to help regulate blood sugar. *

Bitter Melon Health Benefits

Bitter melon is full of antioxidants, which can help protect your cells from free radical damage. Research suggests that it’s also an effective means of maintaining healthy blood glucose levels and healthy cholesterol levels, which can lead to better overall metabolic health.

Why Swanson Bitter Melon?

Swanson Bitter Melon is a metabolic herb believed to support the body’s ability to maintain healthy glucose levels, aid digestion and provide hormone balance support. This bitter melon supplement provides 500 milligrams of full-spectrum whole melon per capsule for herbal potency. An Ayurvedic herb with big benefits, bitter melon is a comprehensive way to support your metabolic health.*

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