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DryUp® –  High Potency Diuretic & Thermogenic Matrix

Dragon Pharma DryUp® is a high-potency diuretic and exothermic catalyst, designed to increase calorie burn, sweat output and rapidly shed subcutaneous (under the skin) water. While some diuretics focus just on water loss, DryUp® takes things to a new level with the inclusion of the exothermic ingredients gamma butyrobetaine and Afromomum melegueta to enhance body heat and calorie burn while also addressing excess water.

DryUp® has also been formulated to address electrolyte loss that is often associated with diuretics to keep your muscles functioning properly while helping to attain your best look.

Whether you are looking to do a photoshoot, step on the competition stage or just look your best for a pool party, DryUp® will get you where you want to be.


Directions: Take 1 Serving (4 capsules) of DryUp® in the morning with 16 oz of water and an additional serving (4 capsules) 6-8 hours later. For best results, take one serving to training/cardio. DryUp® is meant for intense water shedding and is not intended for long-term use. Perfect for events like competitions, photoshoots, etc.

Do not exceed the maximum recommended dose.