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The ultimate aromatase inhibitor and cortisol blocker that can be taken on & off cycle to achieve a dry, hard, and chiseled physique. It’s HORMONAL DOMINANCE in a bottle.

  • INHIBITS AROMATASEArimidrol™ uses the most powerful all natural aromatase inhibitors, to stop the conversion of muscle-building testosterone to fat-storing estrogen.
  • DECREASES CORTISOLArimidrol™ helps keep cortisol levels in check, which ultimately lowers stress and reduces muscle breakdown.
  • DESTROYS ESTROGENArimidrol™ contains maximum strength anti-aromatase & cortisol blockers, to put the brakes on estrogen production in the body.
  • PROMOTES MUSCLE GROWTHDecreasing estrogen production naturally boosts testosterone levels, leading to better muscle growth and recovery.

60 Capsules


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